The Super Mario Bros

Job: hero, athelete, doctor, plumber
Mario is a well-rounded man, with diverse interests. Lately, though, plumbing is taking up most of his free time.

Job: Mario's younger brother
Poor Luigi has had a string of bad luck, which eventually landed him in the hospital. Even so, he's determined to rescue Daisy.
Other Heroes

Job: Hero of Time
Handsome and brave, Link has set out on a quest to rescue Princess Zelda from Bowser.
Wait...Bowser? O_o;

Job: Pokemon trainer
Though young, Red is an experianced and resourceful adventurer.

Job: Red's rival
A bad-tempered youth who teams up with Luigi, Red and Jack to rescue his grandfather from Bowser.

Job: Farmer
Jack starts off as a guy who lacks common sense, but gradually matures into the voice of reason.
Name: Mark
Job: Farmer
Mark is a cheerful guy with a ...unique way of looking at the world.

Name Kirby
Job: eating stuff
Kirby loves to eat! He is currently trying to rescue the stolen pies from Waluigi

Princess Peach
Job: Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom
Peach has strong feelings for Mario, but lately things have been going sour between them.

Princess Zelda
Job: Princess of Hyrule
Bowser's minions mistook her for Peach and kidnapped her. She's using her limited resources to aide Link.

Princess Daisy
Job: Princess of Sarasaland
Mistakenly kidnapped by Bowser's minions, Daisy tries to stay positive and look on the bright side of the situation.

Job: Jigglypuff
...apparantly Jigglypuffs have a monarchy. >_>;
Bowser's minions thought she was Peach and kidnapped her.

Job: Zora Princess
Ruto is in love with Link and has tricked him into agreeing to marry her.


Job: King Koopa
Bowser is trying to trick the Super Mario Bros. into fixing his broken sink.

Job: Bowser's Henchman
A good-hearted, but not-too-bright Goomba

Job: Bowser's Henchman
A cheerful Boo who is less shy than most of his kind

Shy Guy
Job: Bowser's Henchman
One of Bowser's more competant lackeys

Name Ganondorf
Job: ???
Ganon has recently moved to Sunny Island, claiming to want to turn over a new leaf.

Name: Octavian
Job: Octorock
It was recently revealed that Octavian is actually an Octorock! He has returned to his old job with Ganondorf.
Name: Selena
Job: Gerudo
Selena is seemingly the sole Gerudo who is loyal to Ganondorf. Despite this, she doesn't seem to have a lot of respect for him.
Name: Moblin
Job: ...Moblin
He is one of Ganondorf's few minions. Although he's a bad guy, he dotes on his daughter.
Name: Pixie
Job: Snubbull
Her father works for Ganondorf. She considers herself one of Ganon's minions too.

Name Waluigi
Job: Luigi's rival
This wicked man has stolen Kirby's pies!
Other Characters

Job: Fairy
Navi is full of "useful" advice!

Name Prof. Oak
Job: Pokemon professor
Prof. Oak is an expert on Pokemon and Blue's grandfather. He was kidnapped by Bowser's minions, who thought he was Peach.

Name Popuri
Job: Chicken Farmer
Popuri was mistaken for Peach and brought to Bowser's castle.

Name Sally
Job: Tetrimino
Bowser's minions thought she was Peach and kidnapped her. Little about her is known

Name Chelsea
Job: Farmer
Chelsea is an energetic farmer with many friends. Ganon seems to have a crush on her!

Name Missy
Job: human
The only human in a village populated by animals, Missy loves to collect furniture.

Name Dawn
Job: Pokemon trainer
Dawn is a cheerful Pokemon trainer who loves to make horrible puns. She is always accompanied by her Turtwig, Twiggy.
Name: Lyra
Job: Pokemon trainer
The current champion of the Indigo League. A powerful trainer.
Job: Farmer
A cheerful, implusive girl. On weekends she runs a stand at the bazaar in Zephyr Town.