» Comics - Slumber Party - June 8th, 2008, 10:08 am

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Author Comments:

Butterscotch, June 8th, 2008, 10:13 am

NOMNOMNOM - Daisy is so excited she's beginning to rhyme in the last panel. tee-hee

Hrm, tried using textures for the background; not sure if I like the effect. >_>

Can anyone think of a better title for this than Slumber Party? My brain is broken, and wouldn't think of any good puns or jokes or...stuff. Yeah.

Annnnnnway...Big news! I'm moving at the end of the month. I don't think updates for this comic can get much slower than they are now, but if you read any of my other comics, updates will get slower on those.

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Reader Comments:



posted by cqclegoman on June 8th, 2008, 10:23 am


Yay textures! They look a little out of place, however.

posted by kirbyboy102 on June 8th, 2008, 10:42 am


:O Pillow fight in your undies!...>_>; I mean...um...

posted by tezzle on June 8th, 2008, 10:50 am

@ Tezzil

~Someones in the gutter~
Keep up the good work man! And I for one like the textures, but do what you feel is right!
*Thumbs up*

posted by Eternal Cry on June 8th, 2008, 11:27 am


Wow. You weren't kidding when you said you'd update soon. ^_^

posted by Afrohawkman on June 8th, 2008, 1:05 pm


Daisy: I'm a poet and I didn't even know it :D

Her last bit rhymes. Yay rhymes.

posted by Captain Ghost on June 8th, 2008, 8:01 pm


*laughs* Ah Daisy, you always struck me as the most bubbleheaded... and now poor Zelda is trapped with her.
I really like the coloring on this page! Bright colors for the win. =3
I'm scared to see Zelda after Daisy's "makeover"...

posted by whitechocolate on June 8th, 2008, 8:47 pm


This IS funny.

posted by Mr. 'Chidna on June 9th, 2008, 11:40 am


lol jigglypuff

posted by LToEV on June 12th, 2008, 3:33 am


This comic is amazing! XD

I can't wait to

posted by J. Hawk on June 12th, 2008, 1:05 pm


WRITE/DRAW MORE! It's amazing!

posted by Li_Kurama on June 15th, 2008, 2:37 pm


I like panel 3 to this comic

posted by Sorrows Neptune on June 15th, 2008, 2:38 pm


WHY IS THIS SO CRAZY?! Still good, just asking...

posted by Phoenix of Chaos on June 25th, 2008, 9:01 am


Why's jigglypuff still wearing that thing?

And... is that fudge?

posted by Lugbzurg on June 26th, 2008, 5:42 pm


posted by Lugbzurg on June 26th, 2008, 5:42 pm


Um... you could call it a princess party...? Forgive my lameness...

posted by Left_hands on June 27th, 2008, 10:21 pm


Like jigly in the last part of this.

posted by RGD on July 5th, 2008, 6:06 pm


this comic is awesome ^^ but you really should update =/

posted by eaglelily on July 15th, 2008, 6:23 pm


They're eating slightly burnt brownies ^_~

There'll be an update in a few days.

posted by Butterscotch on July 17th, 2008, 1:48 pm


@ Tezzle.


posted by TerminalMontage on July 25th, 2008, 8:41 pm


I just read this whole thing beginning to last today. And I am in.. AWE!

posted by Taknamay on July 30th, 2008, 2:40 pm


1st and last panel, Zelda's purple hair thingy, kinda looks like a condom.

posted by slashnyaoi on August 3rd, 2010, 11:09 pm

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